Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY Services Overview

A CT scan at 1/20 of the radiation in less than 10seconds

Sinus CT | TMJ Radiographs | Airway Analysis

Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons is a fully credentialed radiology center utilizing minimal radiation exposure technology (1/20 of a medical CT scan in under 10 seconds).

Next generation i-CAT provides greater accuracy for better treatment planning and more predictable surgical outcomes.

3-D Data for sinus, TMJ, and airway analysis.

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Treatment for hearing loss…

At Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC, we offer you Cochlear implants as well as Bone Anchored Heating Aids (BAHA) to treat your hearing loss. While not everyone is a candidate for BAHA, we have an on-staff audiologist, Suzanne Katko, who will determine the best method for improving your hearing. With over 25 years’ experience, you can trust that our staff will provide you with the proper treatment.

Treatment for vertigo…

If you are experiencing dizziness or balance problems, you may be suffering from vertigo, a condition of the inner ear. At Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC, we have a VNG machine that is used to test if a vestibular (inner ear) disorder, such as vertigo, may be the source of your balance or dizziness problem.

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Picture of woman with sinus pain

If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to enjoy the comfort of clear sinuses…

Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC can examine your sinuses, isolate potential blockages, and even schedule a sinuplasty when indicated. In addition to having several of Central New York’s leading ear, nose, and throat physicians on staff, the office has CAT scan and x-ray machines for your convenience and a speedier diagnosis. Onsite imaging also is used to search for traces of Temporomandibular disorder (TMJ).

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Balloon Sinuplasty Animation
picture of boy with allergy

Allergy solutions and immunotherapy treatment…

The doctors at Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC have the experience and expertise to help determine the cause of your allergies and prescribe the best solution for you.

Skin testing and allergy RAST testing are done on-site in our Camillus office. Allergy injections and vials are made on-site. Our staff is CLEA-licensed to conduct all of the lab testing. Tests are covered by most insurance providers. We also offer sublingual therapy, (allergy drops placed under your tongue).

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Graphic of sleep apnea complications

Board Certified Physicians For Your Sleep Apnea Treatment…

You’ll get the most advanced treatment from our board certified sleep apnea doctors at Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC. Never had a sleep study before? Find access to home sleep studies in the comfort of your bedroom through the guidance of a qualified doctor. We’ll teach you how to use the kit and our specialists can determine whether an oral device for the treatment of sleep apnea will be effective for you. Get a custom oral medical device called SomnoDent fabricated on-site by our doctors to help treat your sleep apnea. The device comes with a 3-year warranty on normal wear and tear.

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Picture of jaw pain from TMJ

Physicians experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ…

If you are suffering from chronic jaw or facial pain, you may have a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). The doctors at Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC will help determine your diagnosis and the best method of treatment to alleviate your TMJ pain.

The experienced ENT doctor at Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC is the only medical doctor in New York state who treats TMJ under a medical license. He has degrees in both dentistry and medicine, will treat your TMJ conservatively, and offers an option for surgical intervention when needed. At Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY PC, we will custom fabricate an oral device in-house for the treatment of your TMJ. Get a 3-year warranty on normal wear and tear for all TMJ oral devices.

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Head & Neck…

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Pediatric – Expertise and experience with kids of all ages.

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